Friday – 9am-11am –  Gathering Place – not meeting in the summer

 The Book of Genesis – Unit 1

This foundational unit covers Genesis Chapters 1 through 11, and thus includes the Creation, the Fall of Man, the Flood of Noah, and the Tower of Babel, etc. It devotes entire sessions on each of the Days of Creation, and explores recent perspectives from Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, quantum physics, and other scientific advances. The more one understands the current frontiers of science, the more one is comfortable with the way Genesis One reads.

Genesis Bible Study Handouts

Course Objectives:

  • Emphasize integrity of design of the entire Bible and its extraterrestrial origin
  • Explore many explicit and implicit allusions to the Messiah of Israel found in the Torah
  • Discover messages hidden beneath the direct text itself


Duration: 12 weeks

Snack and Coffee is provided.  Come join us any time you have a Friday morning free.  You can jump in anytime, for one or more studies.  You will find friendship, comfort and challenge.  If you are interested, please call one of our facilitators:

Contact info:  Marian Belharz at 608-290-0669 or Caroline Anthony at 608-247-4802.

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