Anna Nelson


Short-Term Missions Trip
House of Light Ministries (Casa de Luz)
Tegucigalpa & Zambrano, Honduras

Sept-Dec 2016, Mid Jan-Mid May 2017 


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“For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” – Philippians 1:21

Fall Plans:
So as the NBI school year has come to a close and summer will soon be here and gone, my next step in life is approaching. I have been realizing more and more what an impact living overseas has had on my life and how with that I could make a difference in another country. Though I can’t say I feel “called” to a specific country, Honduras is the country I have chosen to pray for, and use my gifts, talents, and love to further God’s kingdom there! So, Lord willing, I’m going to Honduras this Fall!!!

What & Where:
I will be doing an internship with House of Light Ministries (Casa de Luz) based in Tegucigalpa and Zambrano, Honduras. Though this ministry is very small it is well known at the Bible school I’ve been attending as well as the church I go to. The internship is from Sept. – Dec. and then mid-Jan. – mid-May. There is another girl from the church I attend in Wisconsin – also named Anna, and one year older than me – that will be going as an intern with me! Honduras is a very dangerous country. Crime and sexual abuse are rampant there. The ministry takes all safety precautions to keep their interns safe, but there is still a huge level of trust in God. Though I understand the dangers there, God has put a peace in my heart and has given me an understanding that He is in control and I need to trust Him with my life as I live for Him!

What I will be doing:
Anna and I will be working in Tegucigalpa at the Casa de Luz daycare/preschool. This facility provides hot meals, spiritual formation, education, and medical care. There are currently forty-three children at the daycare. These children are some of the poorest who would probably never get this opportunity to learn if this ministry did not exist. Most of the children this ministry works with have experienced a rough home life – no dad figure in their lives, abuse, parents addicted to alcohol and drugs, and some have even seen death. Anna and I will be assigned to work with a certain age bracket (toddler, preschooler, or kindergarten) and then we’ll be assisting the lead Honduran teachers and providing a loving and safe place for the children.

Prayer card with dates

God is bigger than the language barrier:
As neither of us girls know Spanish, living in a Spanish speaking country will be a challenge. But there is a translator for us, and in the words of a friend who was an intern this past year in Honduras,
“Living in another culture, where you don’t know the language, teaches you that words aren’t necessary to love people. Don’t get me wrong, I whole heartedly believe we need to be living and speaking the Gospel at all times. I just get excited when God enables me to love on these kids without the use of words and I’m thankful He has placed others here who can speak their language and share His Word with them!”
At first my lack of language abilities made me question my going, until I realized that God is bigger than the language barrier. Watching (the movie) Woodlawn this quote stuck out to me, “Go where you feel like you make the most difference.” And a quote from class, “aim at being useful in the highest degree possible.” At this point I think that me loving on and caring for kids in a place where love is truly needed – and by this spreading His name to Honduras – is being useful in the highest degree. Not that I couldn’t do the same anywhere else, but why not there?

How YOU Can Help:
Pray. Your support in prayer for me is going to be the biggest help! Before I get to Honduras there is an important step that has to happen: finances. I will be needing to raise $1,250 per month for the nine month internship. $850 of this will cover rent, utilities, food, purified water, ground transportation, and other necessities. In addition to that I have the expenses of flights (2 round trips) and health & medical evacuation insurance for the time I am over there. I need to have my Sept. – Dec. support ($5,000) in by Sept. 5th. The rest I can raise through the fall but need to have Jan. – May support ($6,250) in by January. This would only take sixty-two people giving $20 per month to fully fund this ministry! Both monthly support and one time gifts are greatly appreciated! Please be prayerfully considering sharing with me in taking God’s love to Honduras! I ask that you would be praying for me through this endeavor. Thanks!
If you should choose to financially support me, you can write a check out to: Fulton
Church – And include a post-it note saying for Anna Nelson – Honduras mission trip. Do not write this directly on the check.

And send it to this address:
Fulton Church
9209 North Fulton St.
Edgerton, Wisconsin 53534

Thank you so much for your support! I will do my best to keep you updated on my trip!

Specific Prayer Requests:
• That I would learn Spanish fast!
• That my being there would be a blessing to both the children and teachers.
• That the children we are working with will believe and be saved and take that faith to their families.
• Safety – not just for me – but for the children who live in such a dangerous place.