AWANA GAMES — Saturday, March 17

Meet at Abundant Life Christian School- Madison

Sparks-A-Rama, be there at 9:00, games start at 10:00 am

T&T Games, be there at 11:00, games start at 12:00 pm

This is a fun day of competing against other AWANA clubs. Show your team spirit and support our clubbers by being a winner for the Lord and showing great team sportsmanship.


Adults: $3
Students: $1
Preschool: free
All participants, coaches and event volunteers are admitted free.

Lunch and snacks are available, as well as souvenirs.  Support our AWANA missionaries.

Sparks Games

cropped Sparks group

  1. Sparky Crawl
  2. Sparky Safari
  3. Balloon Battle
  4. Rabbit Hunt
  5. Sparky Train
  6. Balloon-Pop
  7. Sparky Bowl



T&T Games

  1. Bean Bag RelayWere number one
  2. Sprint Relay
  3. Bean Bag Grab
  4. Three-legged Race
  5. Sprint Race
  6. Four-Way Tug
  7. Balloon Volley
  8. Marathon Relay
  9. Marathon Race
  10. Balloon Relay