The Thompson Family



They currently live in Budapest, Hungary.

Brian: & Barbara:

The Thompson’s mission is to develop digital media materials to facilitate church planting for United World Mission (UWM), using every tool available in their digital media kit.  They work with new and existing pastors to help start new churches in communities where there are none.  UWM’s goal is a church in every corner of every town, of every nation – a lofty goal to be sure.  When the cameras are shut down, they build relationships with Hungarians and other Eastern Europeans through programs like Alpha, small groups, and immersing themselves in the culture, sharing the love and hope that can be found in knowing Jesus Christ!

About BrianBrian Thompson

Brian was born in Iowa, but grew up in Nebraska and returned to Iowa to start college.  He earned a Broadcast Journalism degree from the University of Nebraska.

As a Digital Media Producer, he’s been blessed with some great positions.  For the last nine years, he’s produced material in the adult education/training arena – educating technicians on maintenance and repair in the aircraft and trucking industries.  He produced programs that trained a couple of hundred technicians how to repack the DC9 nose landing gear strut and troubleshoot a VT365 diesel engine.

He really appreciates using digital media to help people learn more about their trade and advance their careers to the next level.  God’s been working on him his whole career – since accepting Christ as a highschooler, producing an outreach video for his home church while in college, and helping people advance their careers through video training.  Now God’s calling him to help advance people’s knowledge in Him and Christ Jesus.  The destination He has in mind is pretty far from the Midwest, but then that’s what’s so exciting about digital media.  With that little thing called the world wide web, they’ll be keeping those interested in God’s heart for the Nations in the Midwest, and beyond, in touch with what’s going on in Eastern Europe.

Barbara ThoimpsonAbout Barbara

Barbara is the daughter of a military man so she moved around a lot as a kid.  Her mother is from Germany originally, so her father accepted an opportunity to be stationed at Ramstein Air Force Base, to be near her mother’s family in a small town in Southern Germany.  Barbara spent her impressionable teen years there, and developed a love and heart for Europe.  They returned to the United States for her junior year in high school.

Barbara earned her degree at California State University, Fullerton, then pursued her career in broadcast journalism with stints at a small cable station in California, then in newsrooms in Idaho, Nebraska, and Minnesota.  Not long after taking a job as a morning anchor in Omaha, she met Brian.  They married in October 1995 and had Chloe in 1998.  Sarah was born in 2001.

Barbara’s family attended church while she was growing up, but it wasn’t until she was 28 that she accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior.  God placed many people in her path to help her grow in her faith.

She’s spent more than 20 years in the broadcasting industry, anchoring and reporting in small towns and large cities.  It’s a field that has a pretty heavy ‘cool’ factor attached to it, an exciting one that offers endless opportunities to meet people, hear their stories, and learn about what’s happening around the world.  The media is a powerful tool that has an ability to educate, influence attitudes and change the way people think.  Brian and Barbara are hoping to harness its power in ways that will further Christ’s kingdom.