Next Spring Basket Distribution is Thursday, May 19 at 9:30.

The Caring Committee regularly has occasion to make meals and deliver them to people in the congregation when they are in need.

When people are seriously ill, injured, recently widowed, new parents, experienced a fire, etcetera, the Caring Committee likes to help.

As well as letting the committee know when someone is in need, they also welcome help with making meals and/or delivering them.  There is a small freezer located in the small kitchen exclusively for storing these casseroles, breads and cookies.  If you’d like to contribute a them, they must be labled with the name, date and ingredients for the items.  The casseroles should be in disposable containers, usually 8×8 foil pans.  We also appreciate various kinds of breads, whatever you are led to fix that can be transported easily.  We like to keep desserts to just cookies.

The baskets usually contain a casserole, bread, cookies, fruit, candy and a flower.

If you’d like to help the caring committee put these boxes together various times of the year, it takes about three hours to put them together and deliver them.  Everyone is welcome to help us with this as little or as much as you’d like.

If you’d like to get involved or have any questions, you can contact Jan Geisinger at

At Christmastime, the Caring Committee is especially in need of casseroles and would also appreciate small quick breads and cookies.  These can be left in the freezer as well.

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