CarrieHow have you been involved with Fulton Church?  Now and in the Past?

I have worked in the AWANA program for years, in different clubs and in different ways.  Currently I serve as the Director of the Puggles group.  We also enjoy helping with nursery and Jr Church.

What committees, boards or service have you participated in here at Fulton Church?  What ones are you currently on?

I have served on the Board of Celebrations in the past and I am excited to be a newly elected Deaconess.

Has God put anything on your heart for the future of the church?

This is such an exciting time for Fulton. There has been growth in so many areas, with still opportunities and plans for more.  I think that through AWANA especially we can reach local kids and their families with the gospel.  Upcoming Phase 2 plans also give the chance to thoughtfully proceed in new physical expansion to be able to hopefully do more and serve in new ways.

What’s a favorite memory you have here at church?

There are many—at the top of the list, we were the first wedding in the new church in 2004, and our 3 kids were dedicated here.  Way back, I have great memories of my own time at AWANA sleepovers and games practices in the hall and many Christmas Eve services over the years, which are my favorite.

How long have you been attending Fulton Church?

My whole life.


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