Awana Annette Mathews, Commander

Board of Celebrations Melinda Andrews, Chair

Caring Committee Jan Geisinger, Chair

Christian Education Board Alice MacKenzie, S.S. Supt.

Donation and Design Becky Fjelstad, Chair

Missions & Memorials Jim Orr, Chair

Praise &Worship Mark Mathews, Chair

Social Media Jim Salimes, Chair

Tech Jim Salimes, Chair


These boards take care of the running of our church.  New members are elected at the annual meeting.  Anyone can attend and they generally meet once a month.  Most meetings are included on the calendar.

Are you interested in serving in any of these ministries?  Every January some members end their service on these various committees and new members start up.  Please contact someone on the committee you’re interested in and let them know of your interest.  We’d love to have your participation.

Here is a downloadable list of the Committee and Board members.