Treat our Facebook Pages like your Missions Field!

Our facebook pages are a way to connect and they are also a way to serve our church to reach out to our community.  Our community will not find out about us if we do not reach out to them.  We can reach out to them by interacting with our facebook pages.

Facebook posts don’t automatically end up on many of the fans personal facebook timelines.

Things you can do to use this as a mission:

  1. Like each of the pages listed below. (You can click on the pictures or titles to arrive at the pages.)
  2. Click the ‘get notifications’ link in the drop down, under the like botton (after you’ve liked the page).  You will then get a notification every time something is posted on the page you liked.
  3. If you don’t want to get notifications, please visit the pages regularly.
  4. Like posts that you enjoy or are pleased to read.
  5. Share posts that you would like your friends to see.
  6. Comment on as many posts as you connect with.
  7. When in doubt, click like or comment.

The more interaction that is generated on our facebook pages, the more the pages will reach out to others in our community.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Daphne Marquardt at or Kelly Raymond at