Sundays – 3pm-5pm

 2017 Sparks Welcome Letter

Kindergarten-2nd Grade – meet in the Gathering Place (to the left of the entrance to the Sanctuary).

Sparks clubbers learn about God and His Word, play games, do crafts, sing songs, and learn Bible verses. The kids enjoy every part of our club.

sparks-large-group1-300x143Their schedule is broken down into 3 equal parts:

Large Group
This is our Bible story time. Often we use illustrations, puppets, and hands-on activities to bring the message of Jesus to them in a way they can understand. This is the time that we might do a craft and/or activity and sometimes a snack. This allows us to use our senses to reinforce the Bible lesson.

Game Time
We have a good time playing games and need to wear our tennis shoes for this. Please dress your clubbers accordingly.  Sometimes we use this time to practice for our AWANA Games.   This is the winning Sparkie team last March!

sparks-games-300x121Handbook Time

  • All Sparks start with the “Flight 3:16″ entrance booklet. When they complete that, they are eligible for a uniform, bag, and handbook.
  • Parents are encouraged to listen to their child(ren) and help learn verses at home. Two helps are allowed per section.
  • The parent signs the pages to indicate that the section has been prepared for club.
  • At Sparks Club, the clubber again recites each section to a Sparks leader.
  • The leader signs the section to indicate that it has been passed.

Sparks are awarded for passing sections and attendance. The handbook will show you where you should put them on their vest. They also have the opportunity for earning an award for completing their whole book.

Learn the Sparks Theme Song!

Jeremy and AnnaContact Directors Jeremy Bilhorn at 608-438-4842 or
OR Anna Bilhorn at 608-279-0671 or with any questions!

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