2017-We’ll be a Construction Site,
please join us in 2018 as we’ll pick up where we left off.

June 20-24, 2016

The theme will be:

Jesus is Our Alpha and Omega

We welcome kids ages 3 (potty-trained-entering Kindergarten by 2018) – entering 6th grade.

This is free for everyone!

VBS picThis week, your children will learn more about who Jesus is.  They will see Him as creator of the universe, see how the Old Testament prophesies about Him, see how He walked on the earth and will also catch a glimpse of heaven and how Jesus plans to return again one day.

The VBS afternoon will consist of a story telling each day from five different characters.  Our story tellers try very hard to make their costumes and settings real to help the stories come alive for the kids.  In addition to this, they will have classroom time where the Bible story will be discussed and applied.  They will also enjoy craft time, large group singing, snacks and game time.  We will start every day at 12:30pm in the sanctuary where the kids will meet up with their teachers and classes.

singing ~ fun crafts each day ~ delicious snacks ~ plenty of large group game time

One important part of each day is our collection for our sister church in Saltillow, Mexico.  This very poor community relies on our generous donations to sponsor their VBS program.  Not only that, they feed the kids lunch every day!!  For many of the kids, it is their only meal for that day.  It has proven to be a wonderful way for them to reach boys and girls for Christ.  We will challenge each age group daily in their offerings and the class with the most offerings will be rewarded with a pinata at the end of the week.

 You can see them having VBS here.

There will be a bus for anyone who wants to join us at the Edgerton Elementary School.  The bus will return to the school after VBS at 3:50pm (Friday the bus will leave at 4:45).   Please be sure and send your child either fed or with a lunch.

If you’d like an easy way to invite your friends and neighbors, here is an easy VBS invite to print out and hand to them.

To wrap up this wonderful week, we would like to invite all the parents, grandparents and friends to our closing program and free Root Beer Floats on Friday, at 3:30, so you can see what your kids have been doing all week.

Child Protection Policy

Come and join us and bring some friends!

You can find the photo album here.  Feel free to send Daphne any photos you want to add to the bunch at fultonchurch@gmail.com.
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