We will not meet on December 25, 2016, January 1, 2017 or April 16, 2017 (Easter).

Nursery– for ages 0-3 is offered each Sunday during Sunday School
~location-lower level of sanctuary

Pre-school Class-for ages 3-5 Sharee Witt & Lori Johnson- teachers; location-lower level of sanctuary
Topic: NewTestament


The New Testament beautifully unfolds the wonder and power of Jesus Christ. This curriculum explores the greatness of God in Christ by noting key themes found chronologically throughout the New Testament. Bible stories are not written out; teachers prepare the lesson through the study of scripture using a list of key themes, opening illustrations, and application questions to acquaint children with a great God who has spoken by His Son.

Kindergarten/First Grade Pat Towns & Donna Buschmann- teachers; location- NE room-schoolhouse
Topic: The ABCs of God


The ABCs of God is a study for children on the greatness and worth of God. It uses the alphabet as a framework for learning the attributes of God and other terms that describe His character, at an age-appropriate level. (Note that attributes are purposely not taught in alphabetical order.) Each lesson asks and answers three key questions, “Who is God?” “What is He like?” and “How should I act toward Him?” as it presents a theology of God for children. Through the use of a teaching aid called “The Blessing Box,” students will discover a new attribute of God each week and will be challenged to consider how they should respond to an amazing God who is worthy of their greatest love, honor, trust, and obedience..

Grade 2-3 Alice MacKenzie-teacher; location-north end of fellowship hall
Topic: In the Beginning…Jesus


The Bible is one complete true story that progressively reveals God’s redemptive plan, which comes to complete fulfillment in the Person and work of Jesus Christ. In the Beginning… Jesus begins with a historical mystery—Jesus’ death on the cross—and asks the questions: “What really happened here?” “Why did Jesus die?” and“Who did it?”.

To find the answers to these questions, the study goes to the beginning of the Bible narrative in Genesis and then moves chronologically through the Old Testament text as students search for clues that foreshadow the coming of Jesus and His redemptive work on the cross. Special emphasis is given to showing that the Bible is God’s story from beginning to end and that Jesus is the key to understanding the story.

Grade 4-5 Teacher ~ Lori Leisure; location-NW room-schoolhouse
Topic: To Be Like Jesus


What is salvation? How does someone become a Christian? What does it mean to become like Jesus? This curriculum helps answer these important questions by explaining elements of the Gospel message, its purpose, and promise. A major portion of this study focuses on the doctrine of sanctification – the process by which a Christian becomes more and more conformed to the likeness of Jesus.

Jr. High Staci Heimsoth-teacher – upper room of main building
Topic: 1st Semester-My Purpose Will Stand; 2nd Semester-End Times


God is present and active in the world, orchestrating all things to serve His eternal purposes. All His purposes are good and right and are accomplished with perfection. As the Sovereign Creator of the world (and everything in it!) God has the right, power, wisdom, and righteousness to rule the universe.

The goal of My Purpose Will Stand is to so reveal God and His glorious work of providence that through the Holy Spirit’s work in the teaching of His Word, students would respond to God in faith as they look for God’s providence in all things—meditating on His works, seeing the big picture of God’s work in the world, and seeing the hand and heart of Jesus in all circumstances of their lives.


Sr. Hi- Teachers:  Toni Flood (1st and 2nd quarter) ~ Jim Salimes (3rd quarter)
location-lower level of the schoolhouse



Contact Sunday School Superintendent Alice MacKenzie at or 608-371-4301 with any questions.

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