Listed in alphabetical order.

Organization/Mission Field: Awana Missionaries

Name(s): Tim & Sherry Thomas

Location: Southern Wisconsin

Email: timt@awana.org

Website: http://www.awanaswi.org

Giving Link: https://www.awana.org/missionaries/thomas

Updates: Facebook and Newsletters.

Organization/Mission Field: Camp Awana Honors Camp

Name(s): Dave Bilhorn

Location: Fredonia, Wisconsin

Email: jdbilhorn@yahoo.com

Website: http://campawana.com

Organization/Mission Field: CareNet Pregnancy Center

Name: Annette Matthews

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

Email: carenet@carenetdane.org

Website: https://friends.carenetdane.org

Giving Link: https://friends.carenetdane.org/donate/

Organization/Mission Field: Edgerton Community Outreach

Name(s): Sarah Williams

Location: Edgerton, Wisconsin

Email: outreachwilliams@gmail.com

Website: http://edgertonoutreach.org

Giving Link: ECO PayPal

Organization/Mission Field:  Edgerton Teen Center

Name(s): Dave and Antoinette (Toni) Flood

Location: Edgerton, Wisconsin

Email: info@edgertonteencenter.com

Website: https://www.wevalueteens.com

Updates: Facebook

Organization/Mission Field:  Evangelical Free Church of America

Name(s): Kris Driscoll

Location: Pharr, Texas and Honduras

Email: kris.driscoll@efca.org

Website: https://www.efca.org

Giving Link: https://give.efca.org

Updates: Newsletters

Organization/Mission Field: Fort Wilderness

Name(s):  Chad & Heidi Rich

Location:  Rhinelander, Wisconsin

Email: chadrich@fortwilderness.com

Website: https://www.fortwilderness.com

Giving Link: https://www.fortwilderness.com/give

Updates: Newsletters

Organization/Mission Field: Fulton Awana Clubs

Name(s): Annette Matthews

Location: Edgerton, Wisconsin

Email: amathewsandfamily@gmail.com

Website: http://fultonchurch.org/about-awana/

Giving Link: http://fultonchurch.org/give/

Updates: Facebook

Organization/Mission Field: Fulton Varsity Club 

Name(s): Pastor Jim Salimes

Location: Edgerton, Wisconsin

Email: jsalimes@gmail.com

Website: http://fultonchurch.org/varsity/

Giving Link: http://fultonchurch.org/give/

Updates: Facebook

Organization/Mission Field:  GAP Ministries 

Name(s): Rev. Christudas Earla

Location: India

Email: earlachriss@gmail.com

Website: http://www.gap-ministries.org

Giving Link: http://www.gap-ministries.org/donations.html

Updates: Newsletters

Organization/Mission Field: Global Scholars

Name(s): Kristine Whitnable

Location: Macedonia

Email: kwhitnable@gmail.com

Website: https://www.global-scholars.org

Giving Link: https://www.global-scholars.org/give-to-global-scholars/

Organization/Mission Field: InFaith 

Name(s): Frank & Linda Distad

Location: Northern Wisconsin

Email: fdistad@gmail.com

Website: https://infaith.org

Giving Link:  https://infaith.org/frank-linda-distad

Updates: Distad Dialogues Newsletter

Organization/Mission Field: InterVarsity 

Name(s): Josh & Opala Bilhorn

Location: Lakes and Plains Regions, including college and university campuses in Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Email: jbilhorn@gmail.com

Website: https://intervarsity.org

Giving Link: https://donate.intervarsity.org/donate#1690

Updates: Newsletter

Organization/Mission Field: InterVarsity LaCrosse 

Name(s):  Pete Millar

Location: UW LaCrosse, Wisconsin

Email: Millar.petera@gmail.com

Website: https://intervarsity.org

Giving Link: https://donate.intervarsity.org/donate#20453

Updates: Newsletter

Organization/Mission Field:  InterVarsity Whitewater 

Name(s): Luke Francis

Location: Whitewater, Wisconsin

Email: lukefrancis.ivcf@gmail.com

Website: https://intervarsity.org

Giving Link: https://donate.intervarsity.org/donate#14657

Updates: Newsletter

Organization/Mission Field: Iglesia Rios de Agua Viva 

Name(s): Pastor Peña

Location: Saltillo, Mexico

Updates:  Newsletter

Stay Connected: Facebook

Organization/Mission Field: New Thing 

Name(s): Matt & Kui Millar

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Email: mattmillar@newthing.org

Website: http://www.newthing.org

Giving Link: New Thing Push Pay

Updates: Newsletter and Blog

Organization/Mission Field: TEAM 

Name(s): Jon & Kathy Christiansen

Location: Karanda Missions Hospital, Zimbabwe, Africa

Email: jon.d.christiansen@gmail.com

Website: https://team.org

Giving Link: https://team.org/givenow/us/add-donation?v2glid=105876

Updates: Newsletter

Organization/Mission Field: TEAM 

Name(s): Judy Parker

Location: Karanda Missions Hospital, Zimbabwe, Africa

Email: parkzim@yahoo.com

Website: https://team.org

Giving Link: https://team.org/givenow/us/add-donation?v2glid=95585

Updates: Newsletter

Organization/Mission Field: United World Missions 

Name(s): Brian & Barbara Thompson

Location: Hungary/Central Europe

Email: brian@digiwicket.info

Website: http://uwm.org

Giving Link: http://uwm.org/missionaries/31379/

Updates: Newsletter

Organization/Mission Field: YWAM Montana

Name(s): Jonathan & Tukta Glass

Location: Tanzania

Email: jdotc_4_me@yahoo.com

Website: https://ywammontana.org

Giving Link: https://giving.ywammontana.org

Updates: Newsletter