These boards take care of the running of our church.  New members are elected at the annual meeting.  Anyone can attend and they generally meet once a month.  Most meetings are included on the calendar.

Are you interested in serving in any of these ministries?  Every January some members end their service on these various committees and new members start up.  Please contact someone on the committee you’re interested in and let them know of your interest.  We’d love to have your participation.

Here is a downloadable list of the Committee and Board members.

Board of Trustees

The Trustees shall be responsible for the financial affairs of the church.  Trustees shall oversee the care and custody of the property of the church, including the proper filing of all papers relating to such property.

Members include:

  • Jeremy Bilhorn –
  • Brent Delzer –
  • Dan Reed –
  • Les Williams –
  • Steve Towns –
  • Matt Towns –
  • Debi Towns (D&D Liason)

Trustees Board Responsibilities and Policies

Board of Christian Education

This board provides a plan and vision for all Christian education of the church; and to direct the related activities towards that vision.  The board shall appoint and replace teachers and AWANA leaders; and account for the funds of both the Sunday School and AWANA separately.  The Board of Christian Education shall consist of the Sunday School Superintendent, AWANA Commander(s), one non-voting appointee from the Board of Deacons and Deaconesses, and two elected members.  One shall be elected annually.

Members include:

  • Alice MacKenzie –
  • Annette Mathews –
  • Antoinette Flood –
  • Kim Kindschi –
  • Larry MacKenzie –
  • Staci Heimsoth (D&D Liason)

Christian Education Responsibilities and Policies

Board of Missions and Memorials

The Board of Missions and Memorials shall seek out worthy missions programs, and develop a means of contributing to that ministry.  The duties include administering all funds given as memorial gifts to the church.

Members include:

  • Bob Klingaman –
  • Brianna Gonzalez – 608-931-7704
  • Annette Klingaman –
  • Mary Knoflicek –
  • Jim Orr –
  • Bob Morrison –
  • Darrell Wrolstad (D&D Liason)

Missions Board Responsibilities and Policies

Board of Celebration

This board shall be responsible for organizing the church sponsored events. The board shall coordinate activities such as: potlucks, decorations, annual church picnic, pastor appreciation, graduation, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day celebrations.  The board shall be responsible for keeping a historical record of the activities of the church.

Members include:

  • Signe Hale –
  • Melinda Andrews –
  • Thad Andrews –
  • Linda Delaney –
  • Diane Amundson –
  • Shawn Schmitz-Granger –
  • Rick Bergendal (D&D Liason)

Board of Celebrations Responsibilities and Policies

Board of Caring Ministries

Members include:

  • Jan Geisinger (Chariperson) –
  • Jean Schuett –
  • Sally Conway –
  • June Heizenga –
  • Peggy Nelson – or 608-751-3681
  • Sue Orr –
  • Karen Reed (D&D Liason)

Caring Committee Responsibilities and Policies

Board of Praise and Worship

The board’s mission is to facilitate the glorification of the Lord through the church’s praise and worship, by using inspirational songs, hymns, special music and/or musicians, dramatics, orchestra, choir, children’s sermons.  The board shall also replace the choir director, organist or pianist as needed.  One member shall be elected annually.

Members include:

  • Dave Mathews –
  • Jim Salimes –
  • Dan Rosenbaum –
  • Chris Gersmehl –
  • Angie Williams –
  • Chad Olson –
  • Mark Mathews –
  • Larry MacKenzie –
  • Bev Millar –
  • Anna Bilhorn (D&D Liason)

Praise and Worship Responsibilities and Policies

Social Media Committee

This committee has been newly formed.  They oversee the website and other forms of social media.  This committee could use more input.  Anyone who loves to take pictures, proof content, graphic design, web design, written content and write about church activities, feel free to let them know.

Members include:

  • Jim Salimes –
  • Chad Olson –
  • Daphne Marquardt –
  • Aaron Mathews –
  • Carrie Larson (D&D Liason)

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