Josh head shot 7.15How have you been involved with Fulton Chruch?  Now and in the Past? What committees, boards or service have you participated in, here at Fulton Church?

I have been attending Fulton Church since I was a small boy.  God used Fulton Church to provide me a church family that was critical in my spiritual development.  I have served with Awana at various points throughout my time with Fulton – most recently the last few years with the cubbies.  I have been with the Deacon and Deaconess Board for the last year.

Has God put anything on your heart for the future of the church?

I deeply desire to see Fulton Church continue to become a body of believers that embody the purposes of Christ.  I desire for us to be a fellowship that accepts people wherever they are in their spiritual journey, but also helps them grow under the Lordship of Christ.  I desire Fulton Church to be a family that engages in the culture around us – demonstrating to our local communities that Christ can truly transform lives and make them into something wonderful.

As we look to the future, I desire for us to build off of our strengths (like AWANA and commitment to missions) but also expand our ministries.  I hope that we can provide discipleship opportunities for all ages.  I hope that we can also become a fellowship that is “sent out” into the community just as Christ sent out his disciples to proclaim the good news.

What’s a favorite memory you have here at church?

Oh – there are many.  My entire AWANA experience was wonderful – the camp outs, the overnights, the hours of floor hockey and  jungle ball in the Fulton Church Gym.  All of that was wonderful for a young boy growiing up.  I also remember seeing people’s lives transformed – and families being transformed – by the gospel.  God has been so good to us here.

How long have you been attending Fulton Church?

I grew up in the church.  I spent 4 years in Milwaukee going to college and then 3 years in Milwaukee with my first job out of college.  But once I moved back to the Whitewater area in 2000, I found that Fulton Church continued to be a place that ministered to me.

Josh also teaches an adult Sunday School class here at Fulton.  You can also find out more about his missionary work here.

You can reach Josh at or 608-745-7981.

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