Rick B cropped

Rick and Mary Bergendal have been attending Fulton Church for more or less 20 years.  Rick is a “late bloomer” (but better late than never).  Coming to Christmas and Easter services and listening to Pastor Larry preach the Word was enough to get him to start reading the Bible and coming to more services until about 7 years ago when he made a full commitment to Christ.  Since then it has been an exciting ride for him as he found that Christians were really fun and interesting people and those at Fulton were really friendly, down-to-earth and caring people.   He recalls his first one-on-one with Pastor Larry as being very nervous, but found in short order he is a “regular” guy.  It was then that Rick started the Shootout at his place to bring people together and show them that Christians are fun and can have a good time in the name of Christ.  He feels that God put him here to do this and to share in Missions work.  He spent two terms on the missions board and last spring took a three week trip to Kanandra to work in the field.  He says that the trip has given him a different perspective on missionaries and the mission field.