Fulton Church Mission Statement

Fulton Church is a family of believers who are Christ-centered,
grace-oriented and scripturally based.


Our Purpose is to:

  • Bring people to a saving knowledge of Christ
  • Disciple believers toward spiritual maturity
  • Promote a loving, caring fellowship of believers
  • Glorify God through worship
  • Support missions worldwide with prayer and giving

“Fulton Church is a family of believers who are Christ-centered, grace-oriented and scripturally based.”

  • We are individuals related to one another through our common faith in Jesus Christ, loyally loving each other, putting the corporate good above ourselves.
  • The church’s main priority is to focus on our relationship with Christ.
  • Because God graciously saves and accepts us by His unmerited favor, we will so live toward others, encouraging obedience in response to God’s love, not imposing legalism.
  • As the inspired word of God, the Bible will be held as the supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct.


“Our purpose is to…”

“Bring people to a saving knowledge of Christ”

Our love for Christ should attract others to Him.  We need to strive to reach out to our community with love and compassion to meet their human needs and in doing so, introduce them to the Savior.

“Disciple believers toward spiritual maturity”

Develop growth in Christ and expand in our knowledge of Him by becoming biblically literate and applying God’s Word, in an effort to live lives honoring to Him.

Encourage families in the areas of Christian parenting (modeling), raising spiritual children and building each other up (mentoring).

Teach Christians to serve Christ and recognize the Holy Spirit’s leading in their lives, whether it be through discipleship, stewardship, the ministry or evangelism.

“Promote a loving, caring fellowship of believers”

Fellowship is following Christ’s example by encouraging, loving and accepting one another in the unity of our faith in Christ.  We promote fellowship by providing opportunity to build relationships through sharing one another’s joys and burdens.

“Glorify God through worship”

Worship is to come into God’s presence with open hearts, as one body with many voices.  As we declare God’s worth and our allegiance before Him, our world and each other, the Holy Spirit touches our hearts with truth, encouragement and motivation to serve God with our entire being, in all aspects of life.

“Support missions worldwide with prayer and giving”

As God leads and provides, we will encourage local and foreign efforts in expanding God’s Kingdom through consistent prayer, financial and human resources for individuals, organizations and projects that reflect the values of Fulton Church.


“The Light in the Country”

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