Fulton Church places great value in being a church that promotes missions.  Our goal is to BE, to SEND and to SUPPORT missions in response to our Lord’s instruction.

To BE…  Our congregation supports local missions through participation, prayer and giving.

To SEND… Currently we support seven church members who are full-time missionaries.

To SUPPORT… The church body supports 15 global missionaries or organizations each month. Additionally, some members funnel their private donations to specific organizations through Fulton Church, so that on any given month, support may be sent to as many as 24 different recipients in Wisconsin, Texas, China, India, Zimbabwe, Hungary, Macedonia, Mexico, and Kenya/Sub-Saharan Africa.

Where does the money come from? 

1.  Fulton Church Trustees create their yearly budget (based on what the congregation gave the year before) and of what was received 10% goes to the Missions Board to direct toward Missions.  The Board has the responsibility to choose who we will support and how much, based on this budget.

2.  Members may give during a church service, and designate that the money is to go toward Missions.  This money is then available for the board to use as needed, perhaps to make up for a short-fall in what we have pledged to our Missionaries, or for special needs or projects that we are aware.

3.  Members may give during a church service, and designate that money be sent to a specific Missionary or organization.  That money is then sent in its entirety to that person, in addition to what the Church has already committed to give.

4.  A Love Offering is held each month for a specific Mission or need.  All that is collected on that day is sent to the designated place.

5.  Special fund raisers for Missions, such as auctions, yearly wreath sales, dinners, etc. create funds that, if designated, will be passed on to that specific cause, or if general will be used at the board’s discretion.

6.  Memorials can be set up, with all or part of it designated to Missions, or a mission cause, such as sending children to Bible camp.  These will be honored and used as the memorial states.

How does Fulton Church choose who to support?

Again, the Missions Board has a serious responsibility.  The Board decides who will be supported by the budgeted and non-designated moneys that it receives, and how much they will receive.  The Board also has the responsibility to decide what Missions will be supported through Fulton Church, even on a one time basis.

We feel responsible first to give support to those who have been sent out from Fulton Church.  Also, we are committed to continue to stand behind Missionaries that have been supported by us for years and are continuing a worthwhile work.

New Missionaries have been added on the recommendation of church members who have seen a need or been impressed with a ministry that is needing regular support.  At other times, people seeking support have come and shared their ministry with the board.

The Mission’s goals and doctrines along with many other factors go into the decision, and foremost we desire to be led by the Lord, to glorify His name and to have a burden for souls.