Fulton Church places great value in being a church that promotes missions.  Our goal is to be missionaries in our community, to send missionaries from our church body, and to support missionaries from around the world in response to our Lord’s instruction.


At Fulton Church, we connect with each other by supporting the interest and passions for Missions held by those in our congregation.

  • We send out and continue to support church members who have felt called to full-time service.
  • We listen to the recommendation of our church members who are impressed with a ministry, and if possible join with them by promoting and supporting that ministry.
  • We promote learning experiences to help our congregation see the needs of the world near and far, and find their areas of service.



We partner with other ministries to help them reach their goals.

  • A “Co-Missionary” from the congregation comes alongside a supported mission to give encouragement and get updates to share with the church body.
  • We remain committed to stand behind Missionaries we have supported for years and continuing a worthwhile work.
  • We provide ‘giving in community’ where our body can give to the church designating where that money is to be directed, and we send their gift in total to that Mission.
  • We provide Missionaries visibility in our congregations so they are not forgotten.
  • Fulton Church budgets 10% of its General Funds to Missions.


Here are the lists of short-term and long-term missions we support.