Multigenerational Family

We value every part of the body of Christ (married, single, youth and elder) as essential members to Fulton Church.  All parts of the body are needed- no one part is more important than the other.

Scripture Focused

We value God’s Word as central to our church community.  Together as a family, we seek to make God’s Word central to all our ministries.

Grace Based

We value grace-based living.  Since God’s grace is the source of everything we are, we encourage obedience, love, and community by grace, not law.

Mission Driven

We value our role in Christ’s Great Commission.  Both locally and globally, we seek to proclaim the gospel as a church community.

Prayer Grounded

We value prayer as the lifeblood of our church community.  Together as a community, we seek to bring each other before the Lord in prayer.

Locally Engaged

We believe that God has called us to be salt and light in our local community.  We seek to be part of our local community in ways that bring glory to Christ and bless those around us.