Pastor Peña

Pastor Pena and wife cropped


Satillo, Mexico


Christmas 2016 Photos

If your child has attended Vacation Bible School at Fulton church, you may have heard of Pastor Alfredo Peña. For those of you who do not know about this pastor, Pastor Peña ministers in Saltillo, Mexico which is about 250 miles south of the Texas border. His wife, Eunice and he have two married sons, two daughters and three grandchildren.

Pastor Peña holds a yearly Vacation Bible School.  You can see a little of what they do here.

15979013_10202928807299375_1679998667_nPastor Peña ministers to a church in Saltillo of 50-60 people. In addition, he pastors two smaller churches each about an hour from Saltillo. The people in these three churches do not have much money. He also visits an Indian village to preach or baptize believers.  He can drive part of the way to the village, but then he walks the rest of the way.

Pastor Peña, Eunice and the women of the church go to a hospital on Tuesdays. Some of the families of the patients stay at the hospital while their family member is being treated because they cannot afford to stay anywhere else. Pastor Peña preaches and the ladies cook a meal for these families once a week.

When the churches have children activities, the children are fed before any teaching begins. It is hard to concentrate on an empty stomach. Eunice and the ladies of the church prepare many simple meals.

For Christmas, a church in Texas is making a small cloth bag for each child. Then Pastor Peña will buy a small toy and candy to fill the bags.

Here are some pictures of Pastor Peña engaging in Vacation Bible School.

Here are some new pictures with Pastor Peña from the summer of 2015.