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As of December 18, 2016, we have reached and surpassed our $20,000 matching fund gift.  Over $25,000 has been received in November and December in addition to the $20,000 matching gift.  So, a total of over $45,000 has come in during November and December.

As we closed the year, we were at about $770,000 toward our $800,000 goal.  Thank you very much from the Building/Finance Committee for your generosity and support.

For over 150 years Fulton Church has been ministering the Gospel to our community.  About 50 years ago Fulton Church had a rebirth and we became “The Light in the Country” and began to grow again.  But today brings new challenges as our church grows and we reach more and more families with the ministries of Fulton church.  We have the perfect opportunity to “Shine Our Light” as we are working and praying for God to help us build Phase II to expand the ministries of Fulton Church.

Ways you can support our church:

  1. Scrip Card Program
  2. Designated Giving: This can be done as a one-time gift or a regular one as God leads you to give. Simply put a note on your check with what portion you want to go toward the Building Fund.   We have giving envelopes for the building fund in each pew for your convenience.
  3.  We have earned over $3000 from family and friends using the Church’s Amazon Store.  It’s a great way to help out, so encourage all of your friends to use it.

Here are the architecture designs:

Please contact any member of the Building Finance Committee if you have any questions or ideas:

Tom Montgomery, Erin Gonzalez(, Norm Fjelstad, Lori Leisure and Dave Bilhorn can be reached at or 608-289-3005.


 History of the Erection of the Original Fulton Congregational Church!

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