POTLUCK Etiquette


The BOC (Board of Celebration) has some suggestions when planning food for potlucks.  We are hoping these guidelines will assist you when deciding what to bring for the quarterly potlucks.


  1. Bring either a main dish item and a salad or dessert.
  2. Food items can be in a crockpot.
  3. Items that need to be baked should have simple instructions with few addional steps since there is usually only an hour to get them ready.  It would be helpful if the food has already been cooked and just needs to be kept warm.  If baking is needed, again, simple instructions, please.
  4. If possible, please cut desserts into serving pieces before bringing them to church.
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  6. Review the amount of food brought, keeping in mind the number of people it will serve.
  7. Make sure all serving dishes are clearly marked with the owner’s name to keep confusion down after lunch.