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Chad and Heidi were serving the youth in Racine.  They came to a realization that they wanted to serve God in more than just a part of their lives.  Chad had a good paying job, but it wasn’t enough.  Something was missing.  So they started coming up to Fort Wilderness in the winter time with the kids and played broomball, helped the kids learn more about God, spent time out on the ice and other fun stuff, but they really wanted to invest in kids full time.  Chad started on the maintenance team where he could work with the guys on how to do good work and glorify God with all that they did.  They helped the kids who had a lot of questions to be a lot more settled in their faith.

Next Chad went to work on the marketing team.  For a few years he was the Marketing Director.  Then he took on the role of overseeing the coffee shop with Heidi.  After that, they took on the role of Director of the Leadership Lab.  Leadership Lab is a three week program for teens.  The teen years is a transition time where kids go from having their parents faith to making their faith their own.  The Riches hope is that kids will find the hope and healing in a God that is big enough to answer any questions they could possibly have.

Chad and Heidi Rich
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