Jr. Church

Junior Church is held during the Sunday School year.

Junior Church is available during second service for children ages 4 through first grade.  Pastor dismisses the children, before the sermon, and they go up to the PreK Room for Jr. Church with an adult.

Duration:  30 minutes; the first Sunday of the month tends to be slightly longer (Communion Sunday)

  1. Opening:  prayer and singing
  2. Keys for Kids booklet:  This is a devotional booklet for children that is very effective in communicating God’s truth to youngsters.  Read the Scripture and the page that you select.  Let the kids guess the ‘key’ and discuss the story with them.  There is a place to track which lesson that can be used for future reference.  You may also pick an object lesson from one of the object lesson books.  you may want to tie this in with the story that you used from “Keys for Kids”
  3. There may be a treat and/or a craft as well.
  4. Closing:  End in prayer

On occasion a video will be shown for Jr. Church.