Sundays 3:00-5:00pm, Kindergarten – 2nd Grade, Meet in the Lower Level Orange Room

Sparks is the Awana club for children in kindergarten through second grade. Our games, curriculum, devotions, and music are geared toward this fun-loving age. Already these kids are capable of understanding basic biblical concepts like God’s love for us, our own sin, as well as His desire to forgive us and begin an eternal relationship with us.

What does each afternoon of club look like? 

  • Welcome and pledges
  • Handbook time (see below)
  • Game time
  • Large group devotions
  • Music time
  • Awards and closing


What is handbook time?

Each clubber will have their own handbook appropriate for their grade level. During handbook time, we get together by age group and spend a few minutes talking about the verses as group (usually about 10 children per grade level). We teach a little bit about what the verse means, sometimes explain challenging words, and may give some context to help the kids understand. Then we get in to small groups (typically 1 leader to 2-3 kids) to talk about the verse more and to commit it to memory.

Sparks gets its name from the character of Sparky, who is a firefly featured in each of our handbooks. He and the modern-day characters in some of the stories help illustrate Bible lessons found throughout the books.

What are the vests all about?

Sparkies love the vests! The vest makes them feel part of the club, quite literally, and they are so motivated to learn their verses in order to earn their “flight wings” and the jewels that go into them.

What do you do during game time?

Most of our games are active ones. Kids enjoy team relays, dodge ball (with foam balls), and more creative activities such “TP your leader” and “marshmallow architecture.”


We’d be glad to have your child spend the afternoon with us! Please see our parent letter for more information about club, special events, and the schedule for the year.

Learn the Sparks Theme Song!


Questions? Contact Anna Bilhorn or (608) 279-0671 or Jeremy Bilhorn or (608) 438-4842.