Sundays during our Youth group, we break bread together and share in Christian fellowship.

2017/2018 Varsity Lunch Schedule

On any given Sunday, you will find youth plus a handful of adults (around 20 altogether) playing, praying and practicing our faith together.  Each Sunday after 2nd service we meet in the kitchen (eating place to be determined) and enjoy a meal provided by one of our youth families.  At the beginning of the Varsity (school) year, we put a schedule together of parents for preparing meals.

Here are some helpful hints when planning and preparing a meal.

  • We eat approximately at 12 PM each Sunday.
  • There are full kitchen facilities so you may cook here, or prepare your meal at home and simply heat it up in our ovens/stove.
  • A general rule of thumb is 1 lb. of pasta per 5 people.
  • A green salad or large portion of vegetables helps keep us healthy.
  • Dessert is not necessary but is always appreciated.
  • We will provide water and lemonade, you may bring additional beverages if you choose.
  • Garlic bread, rolls or raw veggie slices help fill us up, we are growing teenagers after all.


Planning a meal for a group this size can be difficult and daunting.  Here are some suggestions to make it easier:

  • baked potato bar
  • lasagna
  • chili and cornbread
  • build your own sandwich bar
  • taco bar
  • soup, salad, and dinner rolls
  • casseroles go a long way
  • macaroni and cheese is a big hit