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How can we more effectively share our faith with others and grow and mature spiritually?

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If you are reading this there is a high probability you are interested in knowing more about God and understanding how to grow in your personal relationship with Jesus Christ and how the Holy Spirit assists you in your inward and outward signs of spiritual fruit in your life. We know that we must have a clearer understanding of something to explain it well to others. That understanding benefits us as well. This class will help equip us for sharing our faith with others and give us new insight into how we can grow and mature in our spiritual walk.

open-bible2One of the biggest obstacles to spiritual growth is our view of God. If we are going to grow spiritually or help others grow spiritually we must have an accurate view of who God really is. In his earthly ministry, Jesus had as His primary emphasis to help people understand that the God they were believing in was out of whack. Jesus came to show us and model for us what God is like. When Jesus walked the earth, He was a very different God than what people expected God would be like. We are still often confused because we are not familiar with the Scriptures.

The traditional view of how to grow spiritually is that we should pray, read the Scriptures, and fellowship with other believers. That is certainly true. However, this class starts with that understanding as a basic assumption and digs deeper for 14 consecutive classes to enhance our understanding of how to grow spiritually and be capable of sharing those insights with others. These insights have transformed my life and the life of others and I look forward to sharing them with you and gaining your insights as well. The first class begins September 10, 2017.

Norm Fjelstad has been leading this class for 29 years and it continues to be relevant for our lives.  You can contact Norm at

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Biblical Answers Week 13

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Biblical Answers Week 11

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Biblical Answers Week 10

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