Led by Josh Bilhorn

Christendom today is in every corner of the earth.   There are hundreds of denominations that serve millions of people.  Ever wonder how the church all got started?   Ever wondered what it was like in the early church?  What was it like to be the apostles starting the church under the threats of Rome?  What was it like to be Paul sharing the news of “The Way” to those early churches in the Mediterranean area?

Fulton Church will again be offering an inductive Bible Study of the book of Acts where we will spend time answering these questions.  We will pick up in the 2nd half of Acts, but anyone new is welcome to join in.  This class is open to all participants – it does not matter your level of experience in Inductive Bible Study.  Those who have never studied the Bible before will be given a hands-on training in how to read, study and apply the Scripture to their lives.   Experienced individuals in Inductive Bible Study will have a chance to further develop their skills.

2017/2018 Class Handouts

Josh Bilhorn will be teaching this course.  Josh has 18 years experience Josh head shot 7.15with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and has taught the Inductive Bible Study method to hundreds of college students.  Be prepared to not only learn how to read and study more deeply, but be prepared to have some fun as you study this gospel in community with others.  You can reach him at jbilhorn@gmail.com or 608-745-7981.

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