Foundations is a class on church doctrine for our high schoolers. It is spread out over the four years the students are in high school.  Foundations is offered the last third of the Sunday School year from March to May.  This is a class that was developed with the primary goal of making the young adults at Fulton Church biblically literate, doctrinally sound, and desirous to live the Christian Life.  Another goal is to have the young adults desire to be baptized (if they have not been) and, providing they know Christ, to join Fulton Church.

Students receive outlines and folders to keep their notes in.  Expectations for the students include:  regular attendance and participation, note taking, quizzes, and exams.

Year 3-2018
     What we Believe about the Church
     What we Believe about Holiness
Year 4-2019
     What we Believe about the End-Times
     What we Believe about Heaven and Hell
Year 1-2020
     What we Believe about (God’s) Revelation
     What we Believe about the Bible
     What we Believe about God
Year 2-2021
     What we Believe about Christ
     What we Believe about the Holy Spirit
     What we Believe about Man
     What we Believe about Salvation

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