Jeremy and Anna Bilhorn will be facilitating a Christian parenting class using the book and video series, Grace Based Parenting by Tim Kimmel.

Goals for the study are to:

  1. Connect Fulton parents with others at a similar stage of life.
  2. Provide parents with a thoughtful, proactive approach to parenting, as parenting may be the greatest responsibility God has given us.
  3. Learn to know God better as we consider not only how we parent our children, but also how our Heavenly Father parents us.


Each week during the Sunday School hour, we’ll watch a 15-20 minute video and then have time for small group discussion as we consider how to apply a grace based approach in our own homes. ┬áThose who are interested may also enjoy reading the companion book or listening to an abridged version on Audible.

Jeremy and Anna


Questions?  Contact Anna at or Jeremy at