Led by Dave Flood

On this journey which we call the Christian life we sometimes find ourselves distracted, confused or ignorant of what actually took place when God’s Spirit made us new creations with a purpose of transforming us into the image of His Son.

During the SS hour each week I will look at the Story of Scripture from a satellite view.  We will look summarily at the forest without being distracted by the trees.  My goal is to show believers that we are saved for Christ and in Christ we matter to this world, the Church and to God.  Christianity was never meant to be an individualized pursuit of truth but rather a continual dependence of other believers and a complete dependence on God.  The overview we take on the Christian journey will get closer and closer to our place so that we see the trees together with the forest.  The Scriptures are available to us to help communicate God’s Story to us and through us.

I believe the Journey of what it means to walk with God is the most exciting and empowering of all life’s adventures.

Dave Flood has a facebook page with weekly 15 minutes video lessons with slides, also available on youtube.

Story of Scripture – Big Picture of the Whole Bible

Printable Copies of the Story of Scripture


Faith Facts Dave Flood

Dave Flood taught this course.  Dave has been running the Edgerton Teen Center since 1993.  He recently made it his full-time ministry.  You can find him at Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook.

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