GROWING in Christ

CONNECTING as a multigenerational family

REACHING our community with God’s grace


We are a family-oriented church, keeping the family together and seeking to minister to the family by everyone in the church.  Out of our culture comes many opportunities for families to serve and be ministered to.

We put great value in the work and the voice of the people.  Our people love Christ and the church.  We are self-governed, submitting only to Christ.

What we are and what we envision ourselves being, is due to the commitment of many lives.  Simply put, we are a service driven church, leaving the results up to God.  We want to be about the business of ministry before all else.


Our message is the message of Christ.  Jesus Christ, being God incarnate, died on the cross, bore our sins and rose again from the dead.  In repenting of our sins and trusting Him as personal savior, we can have eternal life.  The life He gives changes the here and now, and gives us an eternal hope.


In all our teaching, our goal is to make people theologically and biblically literate through being accurate and relevant, affecting both the head and the heart.

Christ governs our consciences through the Bible and the Holy Spirit.  The decisions, therefore, regarding our direction in ministry are determined through the people as the Holy Spirit leads and gifts them.


We practice grace.  God welcomes us just as we are.  And so, people who come to Fulton Church are accepted without conditions.  Fulton Church welcomes all regardless of the past or present, broken or unbroken, wounded or stable, to a culture that nurtures, builds and affirms people in Christ.

We are as diverse a group of people you will ever see and as unified a church as you can find.

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